PC health check

Your PC’s health can tell a lot about the user! If your PC is working flawlessly- it surely means that you are taking good care of it.

Computers are machines that are instructed to do certain tasks. They do not have intelligence of their own to beep you about its problems and where it is occurring. What they do is just generate errors that could indicate possible causes for illness!

As we constantly use our machines, we tend to ignore that they too need energizers or boosters to keep performing in an efficient manner. Your PC could show signs of slowing down, display blue screens, give you a slow browsing experience, restart automatically, shut down meekly etc. If your PC is behaving in this manner, then for sure it needs regular PC tune up, cleaning and tweaking.

How do you go about it?

To optimize your PC for better performance, you have two options:

• Use self-precautionary methods
• Refer professionals for PC maintenance

There are certain steps that you can take to prevent your PC from deteriorating. A regime that you can follow for PC maintenance must include:

Deleting Items from Recycle bin or any other unused applications: If you simply delete items from your desktop by pressing the Delete key, it stores in Recycle Bin. Over time, the Recycle Bin, if not emptied, still carries all the deleted items and affects your computers speed. Therefore, to permanently take garbage out of your computer, click on recycle bin and empty all its items.

Also, at times users tend to save unused and unwanted programs or applications on their desktop. If you have unwanted and unused programs, delete them from your system.

Cleaning Windows Registries: Registries store information such as new programs installed or removed, invalid links to corrupt programs, unwanted or corrupt file names stored etc. To delete Windows Registries, you can use Registry Cleaner utility available on your Windows operating system or use a third party tool specifically meant for cleaning the registries.

Driver updation: It is a good practice to update your drivers regularly as they prevent your system from device conflicts or crashes. You can use the Windows Device Manager to check which drivers to update, delete, the number of hardwares attached to your system etc

Deleting Temporary files and cache: As you surf web pages, your browser tends to accumulate temporary files, cache and cookies that causes your browser to slow down. By deleting this unwanted data from your browser’s settings, you can enhance your browser speed!

Defragmenting your hard disk: Your hard disk stores and saves files in fragments. This piles up and causes your applications to slow down as the memory takes longer to read the files when recalled by the user. Thus, by defragmenting your hard disk, you can enhance your system’s performance. If you are a Windows user, you can use Windows Disk Defragmenter utility for the purpose. Else, you can use specific commercial tools that aim at defragmenting your hard disk.

Alternatively, if you want a professional support in performing PC optimization, you can unbeatably count on the tech support team of Ask PC Experts. The tech support team has the technical know-how of diagnosing your PC and then rectifying the flaws through easy solutions. Ask PC Experts offers reasonable plans that can suit a single PC user or a network of five computers. Depending on your requirement, you can sign up for annual or incidental PC optimization package through their website or by dialing their tech support team at 1-888-889-335.

For individual users, they offer unrestricted troubleshooting services with advanced system optimization, protection and back up along with installations of 50 plus system utilities for just $99.95 a year! If you are signing up for small business yearly plan, a minimum of five computers are required to avail the package. This pay plan is priced at just $169.95 a year! Ask PC Experts has been delivering technical solutions through e-mail, chat, phone or remote computer support. Remote or online computer support makes use of screen-sharing technology that helps the technicians to fix your system without being physically present at your location. Plus you get to view the technicians working on your system settings to fix the problem.

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