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Are you buying a new photo scanner?

Photo scanners are majestic devices that can convert your normal images into digital ones. You can also use a photo scanner to make digital images of text and small objects. Having scanned your favorite images, you can edit them on your computer through a variety of editing tools, store them, print, publish over the Internet or send them across via e-mail.

If you are hunting for the best photo scanner, a few brands that can overwhelm you are Canon, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lexmark, Epson and Brother. However, while purchasing your photo scanner do consider the following factors:

• Ready availability of customer support
• Technical features that suit your needs
• Location of the nearest customer support
• Price
• Documentation of manuals
• Drivers support and system compatibility
• Warranty period etc

Considering the above factors, you can decide which brand to buy.
If you are already using a photo scanner at home or office, you must ensure that your photo scanner is properly set up and continues in resulting better quality images. To get a quality output out of your scanner, you can follow a few basic tips such as:

• Prevent the glass from grease, oils and fingers that can obscure the scan resulting in blurred images. It is therefore important to avoid touching the glass as much as possible.
• Blow out any lint or particles from the paper that you wish to scan before placing it on the scanner. This assures a quality image from the scanner.
• Keep the glass and underside of the scanner cover clean. You can also review the manufacturers care instructions and use only approved cleaners. It is advisable that you do not apply the cleaner directly to the glass as it can leak into the inner parts of the device. Instead, apply the cleaner to a cloth for cleaning. The glass should be wiped free of any lint or dust with a microfiber cloth before every use.
• Avoid exposing your scanner to heat or moisture. Also, assure that nothing damp, moist or edgy is placed on the scanner.
• Allow the scanner to warm up for 4 to 5 minutes before operating it.
• Use of a surge protector is always wise with any electronics device including a photo scanner.
• Before moving the scanner, be sure it is locked to prevent unnecessary movement of internal parts.
• Avoid using the scanner cover to flatten larger items, such as books and magazines against the glass. This can damage the hinges. Instead, use a small weight or a heavy book to press the item against the glass.

While you maintain your scanner from the outside, also ensure that your system is supporting the drivers required by it. Remember that drivers are operating system sensitive and hardware specific programs that help in proper functioning of your scanner. If you want to set up your new photo scanner or need help with your existing scanner settings, do not hesitate to contact Ask PC Experts for technical troubleshooting. The technical support team can assist you to remotely fix your scanner and resolve any errors that you may be confronting. You can also avail peripheral support for devices such as printers, digital cameras and MP3 Players.

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