Troubleshooting Browser issues
You could be booking your online movie tickets when suddenly you get this error message-
‘HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout.’


Looks familiar to you?

This error message generally occurs when the recipient server did not receive a timely response from the other while attempting to load the web page or fill another request by the browser. This error could also mean that the other server is down or is not in a working condition.

There are many error messages like these that can hamper your online working! You could be using any web browser such as Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc but whenever there is a problem in loading a web page, your browser will display HTTP status codes or errors like:

• HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized
• HTTP Error 400 – Bad Request
• HTTP Error 404 – Page Cannot be Displayed or Page Cannot be Found
• HTTP Error 500 – Internal Server Error
• HTTP Error 403: Forbidden etc

Sometimes, while working on your Internet Explorer browser, your browser would crash frequently and deliver error message similar to this:

‘IE has encountered a problem and needs to close’.

Browser problem occur due to many reasons. These reasons are briefed as under:

Network Congestion: If there is a traffic jam or too many requests have been made on the server, your web page will not load properly. You need to refresh the web page and then try accessing your browser again.
Internet not connected: If your Internet connection is not properly working or you are trying to access your web browser offline, you may get this message very frequently- ‘Page cannot be displayed.’ Before using your web browser always stay connected to the Internet.

Security Programs: If you have security programs such as an anti-virus or firewall installed on your system, ensure that they do not fiddle with your browser’s settings. These programs on being downloaded to your system, scrutinize every activity online for which they make use of your web browser. They tend to change a few default settings in order to keep a check on the incoming and outgoing data through the Internet. Try disabling such programs, if you are not able to open a few websites.

Add-ons: Your web browser comes up with toolbars, updates, browser objects and other features that may interfere with your browser’s working. Some add-ons cause incompatibility issues because of which your browser doesn’t work.

Virus attacks: If your web browser is crashing frequently or is corrupt, check for virus attacks on your computer by using updated and latest anti-virus tools. Scan your system regularly and see if the problem fades away after removing the virus traces.

Apart from these reasons check if your web browser is compatible with your operating system. Incompatibility with your operating system can cause your browser to crash or corrupt it forever! Additionally, on a routine basis keep deleting your temporary Internet files, cookies and cache as when they pile up, they cause your web browser to slow down.

Yet, if you face issues with your web browser, feel free to contact Ask PC Experts for technical assistance. The tech support team can help you to resolve browser errors, upgrade your web browser to the latest version, manage Internet cookies, temporary files, cache etc. To resolve your browser issues specifically, you can sign up for incidental plan as a single PC user or if you have a network of five PCs you can subscribe to small business plan. For individuals, incidental plan will cost only $39.95 and for small businesses, the plan is available at $89.95. You can dial the tech support team at toll free number 1-888-899-335 or visit their website for more assistance.

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